Polaris Scrambler

Polaris Scrambler
If you want to do a lot of trail riding, the Polaris Scrambler is for you. It is the pioneer of 4×4 sport quads that features a big 500 cc, 4 valve, 4 stroke engine with automatic transmission and On-Demand all wheel drive. The Polaris On-Demand AWD automatically engages all of the wheels when you need more forward traction and then it reverts back to 2 WD when you don’t.

The suspension system is outstanding, making riding rugged trails smooth with the MacPherson Strut in the front with 8.2 inches of wheel travel and the progressive rate swing arm in the rear with an impressive 105 inches of travel for easily getting over big rocks and stumps with scraping bottom.

The Polaris Scrambler comes in Indy Red/White and is built rugged right down to the stamped steel wheels. The Scrambler also has full floor boards with raised foot pegs. Its handlebar mounted dual headlights can be aimed up or down so the trail is always illuminated when the handlebars are turned.

A 3.5 gallon fuel tank will keep you riding most of the day before needing to re-fuel. The Scrambler is 75 inches long and has a seat height of 34 inches. With the 46 inches of width, it slips through trees with ease. The dry weight of the Scrambler is 571 pounds.

Turn the key that is mounted on the dash and the Scrambler comes to life. For those cold mornings the choke knob is located conveniently next to the key. Slide the shifter into forward and punch the gas and you will see that the Scrambler has plenty of power.

The Polaris Scrambler may not have a digital dash or fuel injection but it offers you outstanding performance and it is priced low, making this an affordable, impressive and great quad!